Simcity for iPhone

Simcity is my favorite application for iPhone. I find this game on iPhone Top Apps website. You can play it anywhere and expect updated versions every now and then that will keep you involved. The rules in iPhone Simcity are nothing new to PC players. The interface is a bit different but the graphic stayed the same. In the iPhone version you will get seven cities to develop and of course the seasons change just like in the PC version, so you can expect disasters happening etc. The game is very easy to play as the control panel has been modified. Now most actions can be taken with your finger on the touchscreen. All people addicted to Simcity will feel true relief as this iPhone version can be played most anywhere. No more will they feel that they waste their time (for example working!) and in the meantime their city falls into ruin. Probably new addicts will appear as the iPhone Simcity offers many options to choose from. In your iPhone city you can develop commercial, industrial and residential areas simultaneously. You can find more games reviews here: games for iPhone


Wish me luck

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